The Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Session

If you don’t have £8,000 to spare … and who does? … you’ll probably not want to wait forever until you’ve saved up or until the NHS eventually decides to give you the physical surgery. Even then, all physical surgery carries risks … organ damage, infection, blood clotting, etc. that is definitely not wanted. Hypnotherapy is risk free.

When you choose to come for your Gastric Band Hypnosis session you will really feel as though you’ve been through the operation itself. You’ll be faced with the sights, sounds and smells of the operating theatre while you are guided through the operation and fitted with your Gastric Band.

The Gastric Band session is only available with the purchase of the 4 basic sessions. Most of our clients want to take advantage of the powerful change that the Gastric Band delivers, but we should be clear that it is not absolutely necessary and that the 4 basic sessions are very effective in their own right … clearly, however, if you want the most effective solution, then selecting the Gastric Band Hypnosis Session is the right thing for you!

Your Gastric Band will be fitted at Week 3. So, you would come for Weeks 1, and 2 of the 4 basic sessions and, we would then have prepared you for your band. Weeks 3 and 4 now would become Weeks 4 and 5 instead, and during the final session (Week 5) we would check, and adjust, the tension on your gastric band to ensure that it remains properly in place.