The Virtual Workout

What would you say if we told you that you can exercise without leaving the comfort of your own armchair?

Studies conducted at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio found that simply imagining lifting weights was sufficient to increase their physical bicep strength by an average of 13.5%. Yes … these people actually ended up physically stronger, and more capable, simply by imagining themselves exercising.

This discovery could help patients too weak to exercise to start recuperating from stroke or other injuries. It could also help older people or those too overweight to exercise maintain strength and prevent the muscle loss that can be associated with obesity.

Of course, exercising in your armchair isn’t as effective as actually physically exercising. Studies conducted at the University of Manchester proved that muscle strength improved by about 30% when performing an exercise, yet (amazingly) still improved by about 16% by just imagining performing the exercise.

There are, of course, massive benefits to be gained from this Virtual Workout programme … whether you, personally, make the choice to exercise physically or not. For example, if you take the train to work in the morning, instead of sitting mindlessly staring out of the window or reading some trashy piece of celebrity gossip that the media calls “news” you could actually be exercising. Strengthening your muscle increases your metabolic rate. A higher metabolic rate increases your consumption of calories … and helps you to lose MORE weight.

Imagine the benefits this could bring to your physical exercise regime! By entering a hypnotic state to do the virtual workout, you are automatically stimulating the release of positive hormones into the body, and reducing your daily stresses. Having done this, you will be in a better condition to actively exercise and achieve better results.

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